Morning Star

 Regional Seminary & College

Activity : Christmas Celebrations

    On the 15th of December 2018, Morning Star Regional Seminary resounded with different sounds of Christmas Carols in an evening dedicated in Preparation to Receive the Baby Jesus. It was also an occasion to felicitate the fourth year students who had successfully completed their Theological studies here. The brothers showed great enthusiasm and interest in preparing and making this an event of fun and frolic. Multi-lingual traditional Carols, Shadow-act on the Nativity Scene, Christmas dances along with farewell speeches and colourful gifts made it an evening which will always be remembered and cherished. The Rector of the seminary, Fr. J. A. Santhanam, delivered a beautiful Christmas message and geared up the Philosophers and Theologians for the Christmas ministry in their own Dioceses and Provinces. The programme ended with a sumptuous dinner with a variety of dishes.