Morning Star

 Regional Seminary & College

Activity : Paddy Transplantation 2022

    Milan Kundera once told memory will always struggle against the forgetfulness of the past. There was a moment in our life in Morning Star where our past memories were cherished once. That is none other than the day of transplantation of the paddy seedlings. All students of the Morning Star Regional Seminary were gathered in the basketball court on 18 july 2022 in the early morning and Rev. Fr. George Panthanmackel MSFS, Rector of MSRS invoked the blessings of the lord along with other fathers. Lion share of the fathers and brothers come from the agricultural background and therefore the transplantation was not a heavy nut to be cracked rather it was very obvious that how the fathers, brothers who always spent majority of the time for the studies carry the heart of a farmer within them. Moreover it was the time where the unity of the brothers was nourished, where all rubbed their shoulders each other beyond their cultural background and language. Fathers and brothers shared the glorious memories of their past especially the times of transplantation in their own homeland.