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Spirit of Moring Star

T he concluding statement of the fifteenth Plenary Assembly of the CCBI, Tiruchirapalli, 15-19 January 2003, had this to say about Formation of Priests in seminaries and other formation houses: “Preparing future priests and religious, who are intensely committed to proclamation, and inculcating in them a deep faith in Jesus and a love for the Church, should be the top priority. The entire formation programme – human, spiritual, pastoral and intellectual – should be geared towards preparing them for a life of holiness and commitment to people. This commitment will find expression in Spirit-filled ministries like proclamation of the Word and sharing the Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ…” (No. 11.3).

The aim of Morning Star Regional Seminary is the formation of Diocesan Priests with a diocesan spirituality. While there are several ingredients, which constitute the spirituality of a Diocesan Priest, the following four are indispensable:

● Commitment to Jesus who has called the young man.
● Commitment to the local church to which the seminarian has offered his services.
● Commitment to the presbyterium of the diocese to which he belongs.
● Commitment to the Bishop, who is the centre of unity in the particular Church.

The Seminarian must learn to both affectively and effectively commit himself as mentioned above. During the formation period, the seminarian will be helped to deepen his understanding of these attitudes and to realize that his spiritual growth is intimately linked with them.